11 Enchanted Places in Eastern Europe You Have to Visit

Today, more travelers are choosing as their exotic vacation destination. Eastern offers tourists cities with rich culture, medieval old town architecture, lyrical languages and historic palaces.

Here are 11 amazing places you should visit in Eastern Europe.

  1. Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest is known for its exemplary tree-lined boulevards, historic architecture and diverse culture. The most remarkable attractions include Romanian Athenaeum of which the concert hall is the most prestigious hall in Bucharest. Calea Victoriei is the oldest and the most vibrant street of the city. The Parliament Palace is enormous, and is a display of luxurious interiors.


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  1. Sibiu, Romania

A city with a traditional vibe. The colorful houses and cobblestone streets add to the medieval charm of the landscape. The view from the top of the Council Tower is splendid. The Brukenthal museum and Crama siniu Vechih restaurant are the must-visit places in Sibiu.


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  1. Bratislava, Slovakia

It’s a tiny picturesque town with narrow streets, traditional markets and numerous small cafes. Get a bird’s eye view of the town from atop the majestic Bratislava castle. Do make a trip to see the glorious Slavin Memorial.


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  1. Nida, Lithuania

A UNESCO World Heritage Site shared by Russia and Lithuania. Nida is the tourist destination on spit, a curved sand dune. A hike through pine forests, views of pristine white sand beaches are the city’s charms. Parindis is the most splendid and massive dune with a breathtaking view. Curonian National Park will be a treat for wildlife lovers.


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5. Skopje, Macedonia

A city with high spirits and a relaxed social vibe. The city has a thriving night life. It is a harmonious blend of Christian and Islamic cultures. The historic structures and museums, Triumphal Arch are the most frequented attractions. The Plostad Makedonija Square is dedicated to national heroes.


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6. , Croatia

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city is also the shining star of Croatia. It has some spectacular sculptures, churches and museums. Dubrovnik is incomplete without a walk down the city wall. A cable car ride to Mt.Srd can add to another splendid view of the city.
Dubrovnik, Croatia


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  1. Split, Croatia

Split is the heart of Croatia. Diocletian’s Palace is a beautiful Roman monument that is a UNESCO World Heritage. The eastern shores and coastal mountain backdrop adds to the compelling beauty of the city. A visit to the beaches especially Bacvice Beach during summers where people participate in water sports and beach thrills can be really worth your while.


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  1. , Moldova

The most extraordinary and scenic attraction is the Oreil vechi Monastery. Other attractions include an ethnographic museum near Butuncei, some newly opened caves. The view from the monasteries headquarters is just spine chilling.

Orheiul Vechi, Moldova

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  1. , Croatia

Covered with dense Mediterranean forest, vineyards and tiny villages it is one of the most beautiful islands in Eastern Europe. Other great attractions are the Mljet National Park, Roman Palace, the salt water lakes, the diverse vegetation and the untouched oasis. Seafood lovers should try Konaba Ankora, the best seafood restaurant.

mljet Islands

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  1. , Serbia

A chaotic mix of nouveau masterpieces and a combination of old world charm Belgrade is the most happening place.Kalemegden Citadel is the perfect example of an impressive historic monument. The joyful atmosphere, lively streets and funfairs have its own worldly charm. An underground tour in the city’s past is a must to explore.


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11. , Slovenia

A City full of culture and traditions. Packed with the best museums. Restaurants and cafes in the country. Presernov Trg, the center square is the city’s favorite place to meet and greet. Take a bike ride across the famous lkubljana River. Plan a visit to the Ljubljana Castle and the National University Library to see examples of some stunning architecture.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

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