7 Most Romantic Vacation Ideas for Couples

Romantic gateways for couples mostly involve beach walks, candlelit dinners, and luxury accommodations. The article illustrates 15 .

Kerala, India

Vacations for couples are in three major areas: Thekkady, Munnar, and allepy. Kerala is attractive because of the tropical forests and the pristine beaches.

Couples are advised to visit Munnar. The destination has an attractive view of diverse wildlife. Thekkady and Allepy are appropriate destinations because of the enjoyable view of the glittering waterfalls.


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Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto is considered as an attractive destination for couples. This is because of the Zen temples, Enryaku-Ji, and Ryoan-ji romantic attractions.

The Zen temples have Chinese influenced gardens that generate a romantic feeling. Enryaku-Ji is an ancient Japanese temple that enables couples to observe breathtaking mountains. Ryoan-ji is located in western Tokyo and its main attraction is the rock garden.


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Maui, Hawaii

Maui provides good . The romantic destination is viewed as magical because of white sandy beaches and historic villages.

Haleakala National Park is located in Maui. The park has the highest point on the island. Couples are thus able to have a complete view of the volcanic crater within the park.


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Paris, France

The city is also referred to as the and the . The three major romantic gateways in the city are Eiffel Tower, Palais-Royal, and Sacré-Coeur.

Viewing the Eiffel Tower is a romantic experience for couples. The couples can also visit the peaceful Palais-Royal secluded garden for leisure walk. Sacré-Coeur offers a nice sunset experience for the couples.


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San Sebastian, Spain

The two main vacation ideas for couples in the city are Monte Igueldo and basque food. Monte Igueldo offers a good view of the sunset and the city. Basque food is best served in popular restaurants such as Arzak.

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Vienna, Austria

Vienna has an attractive destination known as . The palace creates romantic feeling because of the picturesque garden scenery and pristine hedgerows.


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Wellington, New Zealand

The destination has mystical ambiance that attracts lovers. The two top destinations in the city are the and the .

Wellington Botanic garden has many exotic plant species; for example, rare trees. Kapiti Island has the highest point in the city. The island, therefore, provides the best scenery of wildlife, plants, and the larger wellington area.


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